A Quiet Week~August 6, 2019

Camp Jackson 2019

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As I write this I am sitting on the porch of the Jackson Lodge at the YMCA camp called Camp Jackson. We are on the side of the mountain and my view faces east where we can see the lights of Pueblo at night. There is a group of students about 20 yards from me watching two of their classmates make their way to the top of a telephone pole and are hollering up words of encouragement. This camp is located about 2 miles south of Lake San Isabel. It’s a beautiful location where you feel like you’re on the top of the world, the breeze whistles through the pines and aspens, you occasionally see wild turkeys and deer, and the birds sing happily. We began the tradition of bringing our middle school students here the very first year we had 7th graders and have found it to be invaluable to developing our school climate and becoming the family that we value as a unique feature of being a “Trailblazer”. I was the teacher then and brought 2 groups of students as middle school teacher and have now come up as principal 3 times. One of the things I love most about Camp Jackson is getting to know the kids and observe them in a very different environment than school. They seem to let down their defenses and open up more. They sing silly songs with one another, encourage each other to take on the challenges of rock climbing and high ropes, work collaboratively to problem solve low ropes, move out of the comfort zone in a variety of ways, and humble themselves to serve each other. Not only do we get to have two days in some of the most beautiful country in Colorado, we get to grow and learn together. Thank you Mr. Ben and Ms. Emily for going with us and a big thank you to Mr. Omer and Mrs. Reed to taking on this big task and providing such a great experience for our Trailblazers. You rock!

Should we reward or not?

Since it was a quiet week and I don’t have much to share about  things that happened here at CES, I thought I would share with you a blog that was recently shared with me. Ms. Janitell, our music teacher, has a friend who writes a wonderful blog. This post is directed more to teachers but I think it offers some good advice for parents too–especially parents of Explorers. I hope you find it interesting. Here is the link: When I stopped rewarding my students

Have a great weekend! Until next time,

Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal

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