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It’s come to an end!~May 26, 2019

Multiple Intelligences through the summer…..

by Molly Merry, Madison/CES founder


Summer is a wonderful time for kids to grow and learn. Through the summer, parents can keep your kids connected to how they are using their intelligences:

*Body Smart—outside playing, doing chores, hiking, just being physical

*Nature Smart—whenever they are outside paying attention to nature, feeling the wind, temperature changes, shadows, longer days, stars, the moon, plants, animals, rocks, bodies of water—it is all around them

*Art Smart—sensitivity to the visual world through nature or cultural experiences, shapes, textures, colors, darks and lights, close and distance perspective, nuance in the visual world

*Word Smart—keep reading anything and everything, discuss new words to expand their vocabulary, be aware of place names, read maps and signs

*Number Smart—let your kids be aware of everyday math: the cost of filling up the car, distances, prices for food and lodging or tickets for events

*Interpersonal—keep using Choice Theory language, teach manners and role model positive interactions and problem solving with others

*Intrapersonal—give kids time to reflect on experiences and become aware of their emotional reactions to experiences, help them learn identifying language (tired, frustrated, nervous, anxious, bored, impatient, excited) and coping strategies to develop ways of dealing with all kinds of emotions

*Music Smart—encourage listening to music and finding rhythms, listen to the sounds in nature, attend music/dance/theater events


And best of all, connect the intelligences—grow vocabulary while listening to music through lyrics, grow body smart by tapping out rhythms to music, grow word smart reading signs and having kids describe what they see in new places.

You get the idea!  Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. Please continue that role because your child is soaking in learning all the time!  Limit time on devices and remember the power of personal interaction outside of the virtual world.

Nutrition Class from Wellness


We had a record number of students and families participate in our last nutrition class. 35 students and several parents joined us for an afternoon of fun. Way to go, Voyagers! We learned how to make delicious nutritious snacks for summer: strawberry/blueberry ladybugs, fruit pizzas, and watermelon slushies. The slushies were a huge hit and were so easy ~ just watermelon, ice, and a little water! We experimented adding blueberries, bananas, and strawberries as well. Thank you to the teachers and parents who helped out!

Animoto: 4thQuarter Fun: highlights from our final quarter

Animotos from 1st-3rd Quarter: Check out the rest of the year’s highlight’s


Staff “Talent”

Click on the link below to see our fun staff video we created for the Variety Show. We got to use the green screen and take advantage of being in costume on Barnyard Day. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot making this video. Thank you Mrs. McLaughlin for putting it all together and to Ms. Janitell for the idea.

On the CES Farm


I will continue to publish this blog over the summer although it won’t be weekly. Thank you for a great year! I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Thank you for reading! Until next time,

Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal

It’s time to celebrate!~May 18, 2019

We only have 4 and half days of school left! Can you believe it?? As we wrap up the year, we are celebrating all of the accomplishments we’ve made and just appreciating being a CES family. There are lots of fun events, field trips, and project presentations–we are tired–but happy! I just hope we can all enjoy these last few days before Summer and end the year looking back with fond memories of this school year.

Second Annual Bike Parade

This is one of my favorite events of the year! After having to postpone due to inclement weather, we had a beautiful evening this last Monday night to enjoy the creatively decorated bikes, Kona ice, and just visiting with each other. Lots of our CES families showed up and even a few neighborhood kids who don’t go to CES. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of it, but we even got to watch our librarian, Ms. Reed show off her unicycle skill! Thank you Krystal Saffold for organizing this fun family event!

This inspiration for the CES Bike Parade: Mrs. Saffold circa 1987. Her fond memories of participating in her local bike parade led her to organize ours and we are so happy!


The Adventurers Seussical the Musical

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The Adventurers treated us to a wonderful production on Tuesday of Seussical the Musical. They spent this last quarter putting this together and rehearsing during their Friday MI Mash time.All of the kids got to shine in one way or another. It was an impressive production and very enjoyable.

All-City Band

Our 5th and 6th grade band students spent two days a week going to CCMS after school for this last quarter practicing for  All-City band. This week they toured all of the schools and gave an evening concert. This is a great experience for our students to get to play with a large group and to get to meet students from other schools with whom they will someday play in band at the high school. All of our kids represented CES well and we are very proud of them!

Celebrating Summer in the Compass Cafe’

Our kitchen staff always go way above and beyond and this is just another example! Ms. Alisa and Ms. Christina have decorated for summer and made special “dirt cups” for the kids on Friday. They have planned several special events this year to encourage students to eat school lunch and breakfast but also just to make our Compass Cafe’ feel welcoming and friendly. Our students can always count on a big smile and happy greeting to make them feel special from both of these special ladies. Unfortunately, we are going to have to say goodbye to Ms. Christina as she is being transferred to CCMS next year where she will bless many other children, but we will miss her greatly here at CES!

Celebrating our 8th Graders!

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It has become an annual tradition to celebrate our 8th graders as they leave us for high school by going on a fun trip together. This year, Mrs. Mac and I took them to Colorado Springs where we went to the mall, had lunch at Olive Garden, and then played at The Summit. The next night we celebrated again with their 8th grade continuation ceremony where we were treated to our keynote speaker Mrs. Wrona, a really fun video compilation of baby pictures and CES memories, and an ice cream bar. Our 7th graders worked hard to set up, decorate, and serve the ice cream. We will miss our 8th graders but know they will do well in high school and are so proud of who they’ve become. Good luck to you Trailblazer class of 2023!

7th Grade Biking in PE

Mrs. Hanenberg wrote two separate bike grants and won enough to purchase 10 new wonderful mountain bikes from Red Canyon Cycles.  Scott Eckstrom helped us purchase these bikes!  He has also put thorn proof tubes in them. Some kids brought their own bikes to help with the big numbers of Middle school kids in PE.  We had a few crashes.  But all ok!

Thank you for reading! Until next time…

Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal

A week of music and animals–you never know what to expect at CES!~May 11, 2019

Every week, I try to find a common thread that comes through for the title of my blog and this week it seemed to be music and animals. You just never know what new and interesting things will come our way here at CES! As the weeks of the school year wind down, we still have so many things to accomplish and participate in–it will be both exciting and exhausting. One of the fun things coming our way is our Family Bike Parade on Monday the 13th. Please come and invite friends even if they don’t go to CES. We would love for this to become a community event–the more the merrier!

Barnyard Day

Because our students raised over $10,000 during our Spirit Lap Fundraiser, all of our staff dressed up as farm animals and I got to the farmer. What great sports our staff is and how impressive that our kids can raised that much! We are so appreciative of all of the community support that allows this type of event to be so successful.

Canine Project


Two of our middle school students who are both in NJHS developed a service learning project to benefit the Canon City Police Department’s K-9 Unit. Rachel Geiger and Hannah Worthen held a family Bingo night and raised over $200 to assist the department in the purchase of drug effects countering medication. Dogs that are in the K-9 unit can suffer from opioied exposure that can make them very ill or even die. The money the girls raised will go toward the purchase of a spray the K-9 police officer can use on his dog to counteract the effect. As a thank you, Officer Nish came and provided a whole school assembly about what the K-9 unit is and how he trains his dog. We learned a lot and have a whole new appreciation for the work they do. Thank you Hannah and Rachel for going above and beyond!


Blossom Parade

Our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band students participated in the Blossom Parade in the middle school marching band which was a combination of kids from CCMS, Harrison, and CES. They all did a great job and the band received a silver award for their performance.

Band/Choir Concert

Monday night we were treated to an evening of music from our CES bands and choirs. Students from 3rd to 8th grade presented a variety of music. They sounded terrific and it’s wonderful to see such a high percentage of our student body participate in the music program. A big thanks to Ms. Janitell our new music teacher this year for doing a great job getting everyone ready and spending lots of extra time helping kids feel confident to get up on stage!

Thank you for reading! Until next time,

Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal

Learning on Display~May 4, 2019

I missed writing my blog last week for a various reasons, so as I was putting this one together, I realized that over the last two weeks we have had many opportunities for students to display their learning in a variety of ways. Perhaps this is because we are nearing the end of the year and things are coming to a close, but demonstrations of learning are not an uncommon sight at CES. On any given day, you can walk the halls of our building and see and hear examples of students learning and growing. One of the things I love most about CES is the buzz of activity that takes place in all classrooms and around the school. So many happy learners thanks to our wonderful educators!

Bridge Building

Our middle school students have done a variety of projects that have allowed them to explore something in which they are deeply interested. Recently, they learned about DiVinci’s designs and inventions which inspired Ben Slabaugh to build a bridge that required no hardware and could be easily un-assembled and moved to another location easily, and it needed to hold a lot of poundage. As you can see in the picture, it was a success! Mrs. Lowther and Mrs. Mac, I’m not implying you weigh a lot! 🙂

Family Night: Bike Parade!!


NJHS Induction

Last Friday night we held our 4th annual National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony. This year we welcomed 4 new members: Elias Hunter, Dustin Kletke, Benjamin Monroe, and Keenan Cooper. It is quite an honor to become a member as it requires not only good grades but excellent character and citizenship. NJHS members are required to complete community service hours and serve as role models to their peers. Four may not seem like many but considering the fact that we only have 42 middle school students, that’s 10% of our student body. It was a lovely evening of the ceremonial lighting of candles, a wonderful keynote speaker, Mr. Bruce Omer, and delicious cake baked by Mrs. Brule’. Congratulations to all!

Science Fair

Eleven of our CES kids placed in the top three categories at this year’s District Science Fair. The winners of their various categories are as follows:

1st Place Winners:  Heidi Numsen–2nd, Silva Valladares–1st, Kade Saffold–2nd,

2nd Place Winners: Micha Mintz–2nd, Zane Valladares–4th, Camille Medford–3rd, Lorelei VanIwarden–4th, Isabella Greene–3rd,

3rd Place Winners: Jace Cornwell–4th, Carson Foster–4th, Nina LeDoux–1st

Congratulations to all and thank you Mrs. Lowther for being our CES Science Fair Coordinator!

Fine Arts and Book Fair Night

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We had a very successful First Annual Fine Art and Book Fair Night on Tuesday. Those in attendance were treated to a variety of experiences including drawing lesson, pottery throwing, instrumental music performances, Tininkling, and of course our Book Fair and Student Art Displays. Thank you Terri Wrona for coordinating this wonderful evening!

Thank you for reading! Until next time,

Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal