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It may be cold outside, but hot stuff is happening at CES!~January 27, 2019

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Get your tickets!! This will be a wonderful event! It has been organized by one of our students and benefits will go to CES. It’s pretty exciting to have this group here in Canon City and especially here just for us! Spread the news and join us!!

Geography Bee Winner!

Congratulations to Micah Chambers who is the CES National Geography Bee Winner. He has already completed the test for State Qualifications and we will find out in March if he will get to represent us there. Winners of State go on to Nationals. After finishing the State test, Micah stated it was easy so we have high hopes he will move on. Good work Micah!!

Preparing for Pathways

Our 8th graders are getting ready to make that big leap to the high school. Now that we have career pathways at CCHS, Mrs. Lowther and Mrs. Mac spent time with students getting them to set goals and begin to think about which pathway they will choose once they get to high school. They each projected themselves into the future and then decided which pathway will help them get there. Take a look at their hopes and dreams. They are pretty ambitious. We all look forward to watching them grow and see where those pathways take them!

Examples of Student Work and Learning Everywhere!

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Walking around our building, it’s evident that our students and teachers are busy. There are so many visual representations of all of the wonderful learning on the walls. You can find examples of conceptual units, culture, Explorations, and art. Check out our new beautiful paper crane installation! Come and visit us and just walk around the building. You will be impressed!

Choice Theory Refresher

On Friday, our longtime friend and Choice Theory consultant, Jerry Noel,  visited many of our classrooms to provide a little refresher and reminder of one of biggest pieces of our philosophy. Students learned about the importance of their Quality World, Total Behavior and how we can stay in control, Personal Responsibility, and positive relationship behaviors. It was good for all of us to hear again and to deepen our understanding so that we can more easily apply these things in our everyday life.

Coming Soon…


Do you know what this is and what’s it’s used for? If not, stay tuned. There are some exciting things planned for this very simple green wall!


NAEP Testing is coming…

On February 7th, our 4th graders will be participating in the National Assessment of Education Progress or NAEP. Every year random schools are selected around the nation to participate in this test. It is the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of the what our nation’s students know and can do in core subjects. NAEP is congressionally mandated, and was first administered in 1969 to measure student achievement nationally. Our students will take the NAEP for Math and Language Arts. If you are interested, the links below provide more information. If your child is a 4th grader, please help us out by doing what you can to make sure your child is in attendance day after a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. Thank you!

website: NAEP website info for parents

What every parent should know about NAEP


Thank you for reading! Until next time…

Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal

Engaging our Learners~January 13, 2019

Come support CES and see a great show!

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One of our Adventurer Community students, Lorelei VanIwarden presented about her 1st semester Exploration to our PTO this last Thursday night. She did her Exploration on the vocal band FACE and has worked with her parents to bring the group here! FACE loves to do outreach to the schools and will present an engaging and informational workshop to all of our 3rd-8th grade students during the day on February 5th at CCHS. That evening they are doing a benefit concert for us! ALL proceeds will go towards Exploratory learning and activities.

Tickets can be purchased online at or you can see Miss Shirlee at our office (if you purchase tickets online they cost $2 more for processing). Tickets cost $15 for adults and $8 for children under 18.

FACE is amazing and these ticket prices are a steal! Check them out here: House of the Rising Sun cover by FACE


Pictures of Engagement and Blended Learning

I walked into Mrs. Hartman’s class on Friday and just had to take some pictures to share. These 1st and 2nd graders were completely engaged and working independently. Some were working on inquiry projects, some were working on mind maps and identity maps, and some were researching for their Explorations. They were working collaboratively and individually, asking deep questions, and using their critical thinking skills. There was a balance of using online resources with textbooks and paper/pencil. The best part is they were doing this on their own with very limited guidance by Mrs. Hartman. She modeled for them, set the stage, and provided the opportunity and time. Such a great example of student driven learning!!

Pink Out for Mrs. Brady


We are all sending our best wishes to Mrs. Brady who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a successful surgery this last week

Happy New Year!~January 1, 2019

Here we are saying goodbye to 2018. I hope this blog post finds all of you happy and feeling blessed to have had a lovely Christmas, New Year’s, and time with family. I wanted to start the year by sharing with you some of the highlights of this last quarter. So much happened I couldn’t possibly capture it all, but at least this video will give you a taste of all of the fun things that happened at CES during quarter 2. I posted a similar “Animoto” at the end of the first quarter and since we’re half way through the school year, I’m sharing that one as well. I hope you enjoy watching these videos and have a wonderful start to 2019. See you next week.

Quarter 2


Quarter 1


Kelly Albrecht, CES Principal