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March 11, 2018~On a Mission!

Operation Montserrat conducted by 5th & 6th Grades:

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Operation Montserrat is an interactive simulation of a real event that occurred on the Island of Montserrat. Students learned that a hurricane was approaching the island at the same time volcanic activity was showing a possible eruption. After learning about the different roles of each team, students completed a job application for the team they wanted.  The communication team members were responsible for communicating with mission control and the rest of the team. The evacuation team read maps and different population data to create evacuation plans for areas that might be affected by the volcano or hurricane. The hurricane team was responsible for tracking the hurricane through plotting current location,calculating speed, finding distance from the island, eta to the storm, and determining category of the storm. The satellite team was responsible for plotting current location, calculating frequency, and determining if the satellite’s observation of the island was successful. The volcano team had to calculate the amount of rock fall and volcanic tremors every hour to determine when the volcano would erupt. Students had to use communication and math skills in every team to help ensure the safety of the citizens. All three classes successfully completed the mission by ensuring the safety of the citizens of Montserrat!

Bike Donation

Mrs. Hanenberg has been on a mission to get our students some high quality bikes and she has succeeded thanks to some very generous people.  Mrs. Hanenberg received a grant for five new Mountain bikes to have on hand for the students who may not have a bike to use during the bike unit in PE class.  Red Canyon Cycles owner Scott Eckstrom helped with this process by selling older model new bikes at a discount. Pictured are CES middle school students, Mrs. Hanenberg (PE teacher) and Scott Eckstrom (owner of bike shop).

Free Breakfast


Community D teachers having breakfast with students to encourage them to take advantage of our free breakfast option.

Did you know that breakfast is free to all students? The competitive nature of our staff has led them to be on a mission to raise our breakfast attendance rates, so some of our teachers have been joining students for breakfast and encouraging the kids to join them. We would love to see more of our students take advantage of this opportunity. Not only is breakfast free but there are always great options from cereal to eggs and biscuits and gravy–it’s delicious! Breakfast begins at 7:35 and ends at 8:00. Parents are welcome too!


We are so thankful for our wonderful PTO and their mission to provide opportunities for our kids. This last week we had about 20 parents, teachers and students attend our meeting. We were updated on our CES Cares backpack program which our current food drive is supporting. Our pantry shelves are looking good and we will have plenty of food to send home with the 5 families we support over Spring Break. We heard that one of the students in one of those families said, “Fridays are my favorite because I know I will eat tomorrow.” PTO received and approved several requests this month including paying for Mrs. Wrona to enter our students in the Fremont Center for the Arts art show and purchasing some trees for our barren playground. We also heard a request of a student in Community D who is working on a project on bats. She would like to take her community on a field trip to the Pueblo Zoo and hear a presentation from a bat expert. Her buddy helped her develop a proposal for the PTO to hear what she needs and why. She did a wonderful job presenting to the group of adults and as a result her request was approved to receive some funding for the trip. What a great example of speaking to an authentic audience for a real world experience!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! Kelly Albrecht, Principal

March 4, 2018~Hello March!

Middle School Weather Investigation


Our middle school students have been busy learning about weather and making weather measurement tools. They got to try these tools out this week. Below you will their Learning Target for this project.


In this project, the students will conduct an investigation on local and world weather and climate. They will complete their investigation, they will have detailed instructions that describe how to create weather instruments, how to access the Internet to locate real-time weather information from around the world.

Specifically, students will:

  • develop a basic understanding of how weather can be described in measurable quantities, such as temperature, wind, and precipitation
  • use hands-on activities and real-time data investigations to study factors that affect weather and climate and how those things affect people.

Kaiser Permanante Assembly:

The Invisible Boy & People Like Vince

On Tuesday we were treated to an excellent assembly that was brought to us through our wellness program and sponsored by Kaiser Permanante. The focus was on Social/Emotional issues taught through very well done multi-media plays . K-2 learned about The Invisible Boy who had a wonderful talent but the other students didn’t ever really notice him until he was included by a student. This play taught our students empathy and to include others. Our 3-6th grade students learned about mental health issues and social dynamics in a play called People Like Vince. This was followed by an interactive workshop with the actors, the students, and our teachers. We were fortunate to not only experience some live theatre and visual arts but to learn important skills about have compassion and empathy for others.

7th Grade Bubble Rooms

Seventh graders created self-sufficient environments by making a bubble room. Younger classes toured the bubbles and voted for their favorite. Our creative students can accomplish a lot with plastic, tape and a fan!

Dr. Seuss Day!

Friday was Dr.Seuss Day and classes celebrated in different ways. The entire school had a hat day and those that did not wear a Cat in the Hat hat contributed a dollar for the privilege of wearing a hat. That money went toward keeping our pantry for CES Cares stocked. As you can see from the pictures above, we were also visited by our very own Cat in the Hat and a couple of “Things”!

Public Announcement–Safety Meeting: