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Oct. 22, 2017

Sunshiny School Culture

This is the view out my office window and it makes be happy! I just love this example of our wonderful school culture from Mrs. James’s 1st and 2nd grade students. Each of the rays of sunshine say things like, “Help someone when they’re hurt,” “Share,” “Cheer people up and be kind,”. It’s wonderful see visible reminders of our “above the line” behaviors that help us continue to work on positive relationships in our school tied in with their conceptual unit of weather.

New Safety Patrol Vests!

new vestsFremontpaving

A big thank you to Fremont Paving & RediMix who are always such great supporters of our schools and CES! They donated twelve “street legal” vests to our safety patrol program. Now our middle school students, who are serving in this role, will be safer and they look much more official!


Halloween is Coming!


Just a friendly reminder…

For the safety of children with life-threatening allergies, Cañon Exploratory is a peanut awareness school. Therefore, please do not bring peanut products of any kind to school for snacks or in lunches. As a general rule, if the ingredients say “may contain peanuts,” do not send them. We need your help to keep all of our peanut allergic students safe this year. Thank you for your help.

~Cañon Exploratory Staff




Support Canon Exploratory Middle School students as they raise money to provide for field trips and projects. Tickets are available from any CES middle school student or at the school. Dinner will be served in three shifts, at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00. We also have amazing silent auction items to help you get a jump start on your holiday shopping. Please share and invite others.
Thanks for reading! Mrs. A

October 15, 2017

Museum Night and Project Presentation Week

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The last week of the first quarter is always a big event here at CES! As our students presented their passion projects to their class and families, we had many people visit our building–over 355!! Our museum night and book fair were also quite well attended. We love to see parents, families and community members and show off all of the great work our students and staff are doing!!


Community B Service Learning Project

by Stephanie Veatch


So proud of the students in our community and the work they have been doing. Thought I would share it with the rest of you.

On Friday, September 8th from 3 to 6 pm, 37 students from community B participated in a Read-A-Thon. As part of the event some students voluntarily collected pledges for the time they spent reading, or for each book they read. The money from these pledges was then to be donated to the Canon City Literacy Center, as a community outreach service project. The students raised $290 dollars, and the money was donated during a ceremony held on Wednesday October 4th. Literacy Director Eileen Lakey,  stated that she was very proud of our students for the work they have done, and that they have been the only group of young children to raise such funds for the literacy center, and for that they are very grateful.


Middle School Crossing Guards

As you probably know, the traffic and pick-up can get a bit hectic after school. We decided to reinstate our Safety Patrol/Crossing Guard program and utilize our middle school students. They have graciously volunteered to give up 20 minutes of their time every day after school to help our students get to their cars or begin their walk home safely. Thank you to those 12 students!!

“Only One You” Art Project

Mrs. Wrona has used the book Only One You to inspire our entire school to take on an art project that we can all enjoy every day as we enter our school. The book is about helping children understand that their own uniqueness is beautiful and should be celebrated; and that they can truly make a difference in their our own lives and in the lives of those around them–Together We Make a Difference! We want to thank our PTO and Mrs. Lisa Bryan (who made the beautiful sign) for making this project possible. Look for this installation to just continue to grow and improve as time goes on. Thank you Mrs. Wrona for helping us not only appreciate our uniqueness but also provide some beauty to our school.

Have a wonderful Fall Break. We’ll see you on Wednesday!

Mrs. Kelly Albrecht, Principal

October 8, 2017

100 Mile/Hiking Club by Erika Daly, Title I

Who loves the outdoors? CES students do, that’s who! The 100 Mile /Hiking Club started this week and we have had so much fun. We even saw a tarantula who came out onto the trail to say hello! We have an energetic group of 1st through 6th graders who meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 until 4:00 to enjoy the Hogback trail system behind CES. Thanks to the Fremont Area Recreation group, or FAR, for putting in these trails for the community!  (See for more information).
Hiking Club gives us an opportunity to enjoy exercise, the outdoors, and each other’s company beyond the classroom and our individual CES communities. We walk, run, hike, or a mix of the three depending on how we feel each day.  While hiking, we talk about safety, care for the environment and being kind to each other among other things. Thanks also to Megan Merry-Numsen, a parent volunteer for joining the team this year! This allowed us to include younger students and we are so glad to have them! I have never seen a more energetic and happy group of first and second graders.
Students, parents, and school staff are welcome to join at any time. Several students are waiting for their fall sport to end before joining us. Others can only attend once a week due to other commitments. That’s fine! If you would like to join, permission slips are located outside Mrs. Daly’s door. Look for them as you pass the cafeteria on your way to music and p.e. We hope to see you soon!

SRO’s Visit Kindergarten

On Friday, our School Resource Officers (SROs), Madison Hock and Jeffrey Canada paid a visit to our kindergarten classes. Officers Hock and Canada, gave the kids a tour of their squad cars and shared what they do in the job of police officers in our community. The kids thought it was super cool!

1st Grade Writing: The Very Hungry Caterpillar books

I wanted to share with you some examples of some great work coming out of some of our 1st and 2nd graders. All of our 1st/2nd grade classrooms are working on insects in their conceptual units. Conceptual units are one way we integrate our curriculum. Below you will see examples of students bringing together Science, Art, and Writing as they wrote and “published” their own versions of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Thank you, Mrs. Hartman for sharing these!


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Book Fair and Museum Nightbookfair2

Our Fall Book Fair runs all this week. It will be open before and after school everyday this week and during museum night.

Museum Night officially starts at 5:30 (the Book Fair will be open at 5:00) and ends at 7:00–communities and classrooms may have sent home specific times for things they are doing. We hope to see all of our parents there!


Middle School Spaghetti Dinner


Fall Break

Just wanted to remind you all that there will be no elementary school this Friday the 13th–middle school is still in session. This is a Professional Development day for our educators. The following Monday and Tuesday, the 16th & 17th there is no school for anyone as this is our fall break. We start back on the 18th which is the first day of the 2nd Quarter!

Thanks for reading this week’s blog! Please invite others to follow. -Kelly Albrecht, Principal

Oct. 1, 2017

Peer Mediation Training, by Carrie Hanenberg


Wednesday Sept. 27th, all CES Peer Mediators & Playground paras at CES completed a one day training.  Mrs.Susie Wiebers and  Mrs.Shirley VanIwarden are certified Mediation trainers who spend the day educating these students and staff on the skills needed to assist students who have disputes with others on the playground.  This process happens after students have tried “I” messages, and the Negotiation Corner on their own.  Peer Mediators can be asked to help as a neutral party in solving problems with an agreed upon solution.  A referral form will document this information and is signed by both parties.  Data is collected from this form so that staff can track which communities need more practice with this process, which students might need practice at roleplaying situations, or common times issues occur during the day.  Most of the time PM’s are asked to help during recess times. PM’s wear bright colored lanyards to be seen on the playground. PM’s never assist with physical violence or personal topics.  An adult can step in at anytime a PM feels threatened or unsafe. Middle School PM’s are called Peer Counselors and their role becomes a little more higher level.  We ask them to help role play situations, practice Negotiation steps, or be a “Buddy” for our elementary students. Mrs. Hanenberg and Mrs. Wrona, teachers at CES, serve as the PM coaches and oversee this program each day.  Together we Make a Difference!